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Young skin produces sufficient EGF to maintain a youthful complexion. As we get older our skin slows down its EGF production and starts to loose firmness and elasticity. As time goes by the collagen and elastine production reduces and the skin gets thinner creating wrinkles.

EGF sends out important signals between skin cells. The EGF cell activator recognizes a specific receptor on the surface of the skin cells with which it binds. Then the receptor sends a message through a complex signaling cascade to the cell nucleus, the “control center” of the cell. The message is translated into different cell activities in the cell nucleus, which leads to increased collagen and elastine production.

BIOEFFECT EGF serum can stimulate the natural process of cell renewal and reduce visible signs of aging skin, with a smoother, firmer, completely moisturized result and a fresh and youthful appearance.