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Cellu Velashape

The female adipose tissue

We all know them. The unsightly dents that form on your thighs and buttocks over time without us changing our lifestyle or exercise routine. Why is that? And is there any way to counteract this?

In a woman, the fat cells under the top layer of skin are not, as in a man, interwoven like a network, but are arranged individually next to each other in chambers. So when we put on weight in the course of our adult life, the enlarged fat cells move upwards and press against the epidermis. Taking into account various individual factors such as The disposition, medication, exercise routine or eating habits then form a dent-like image of the epidermis layer, the so-called cellulite or orange peel.

We basically differentiate between 3 stages of cellulite. The first stage of cellulite is seen when the indentations show up by pushing the affected areas of the skin together. The second stage is shown by the fact that this typical orange structure can also be seen when light falls from the side or when the muscles are tensed. The third and final stage is reached when the cellulite can no longer be overlooked in any position.

The technology behind Velashape

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