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Permanent Hairremoval

General information about body hair.

Hair grows in different phases mostly in an even order. There are three phases of growth: the growth phase, the transition phase and the resting phase. Since the hair must be in contact with the hair root for the treatment to be successful, only those hairs that are currently in the growth phase are suitable for treatment.

The light impulses are transmitted to the hair roots via the hair's pigment, melanin, and the hair's nutrients, e.g. proteins, are attacked, damaged and permanently removed. This leads to the treated hair remaining permanently in the growth phase.

The traditional IPL method

With classic permanent hair removal (IPL) short individual pulses with a very high energy density are emitted. The hair follicle absorbs all the energy, is briefly heated to 70 degrees and thus destroyed. The energy reaches the hair root exclusively via the melanin.

Since the skin and red blood vessels also contain melanin, they too absorb the energy, which is actually not wanted.

Treatment with IPL is therefore often perceived as painful and uncomfortable, there is a risk of undesirable side effects such as swelling, 3rd degree burns of the skin, changes in pigmentation and severe reddening of the skin.

The new SHR method

With the new SHR technology the experience of laser technology is combined with the advantages of the pulsed method. Instead of single pulses with high energy, SHR technology emits multiple pulses with relatively low single pulse energy. It also combines two different modes of action in parallel to destroy the hair follicles.

The energy is conducted on the one hand via the melanin contained in the hair and on the other hand via the skin to the stem cells of the hair. In addition, the treatment takes place via the "In Motion" procedure. You drive the tissue with low energy but high repetition rate (6-10x). The energy is conducted to the hair follicle via both the melanin and the skin. In addition to the melanin-containing hair roots, the protein in the stem cells is also heated, thus disrupting the blood supply to the roots, which ultimately leads to hair loss and non-regeneration. Lighter and finer hair can now be removed more successfully or sun-tanned skin can be treated.

The stem cells are slowly exposed to low energy levels of up to 45 degrees Celsius over a long period of time. The built-in contact cooling (water tank and sapphire handpiece integrated in the device) ensures effective cooling of the top skin layer during the treatment.

Today we know that the slow and prolonged warming leads to a significantly better and more permanent hair removal without unnecessarily stressing the skin than a short, very high supply of energy. You can find our prices here!

What else should I know?

6-10 passes are recommended per execution, the handpiece is guided over the treatment area with light pressure vertically and horizontally (in serpentine lines). Due to the high repetition rate (several impulses per minute) the hair follicle is slowly and steadily heated.

You should not go to the solarium 1-2 days before a treatment and apply a high sun protection factor when staying in the sun in order to preserve the protective layer of the skin.

The hair should not be plucked, waxed or epilated from six weeks before treatment. This ensures that a large number of hairs are in the active growth phase (the anagen phase) and that an optimal amount of hair can be permanently removed during the treatment.

There are 20 to a maximum of 70% of the hair at the same time in the anagen phase. This depends on the person being treated and the respective body Area. SHR technology can also be used to treat hair in the telogen phase. In this phase, the stem cells align themselves to growth.

In the other phases (transition and resting phase) the hair pushes upwards within the hair root, the root can only be partially destroyed and is therefore capable of regeneration. Hair removal should not be done with epilation between treatments. The duration of the treatment for permanent hair removal with SHR depends on the size of the area to be treated. The time required varies between 10-15 minutes for a smaller treatment area up to 1 hour for a treatment of the entire legs.

After treatment with SHR

The skin's natural sun protection is greatly reduced after the intensive light treatment. The customer should therefore apply a high sun protection factor some time after the treatment when they go into the sun (at least SPF 30) so as not to put additional strain on the skin! The hair does not fall out immediately after treatment for permanent hair removal, but usually only after about 2 - 3 weeks. Since everyone reacts differently, the hair may not fall out until a later point in time.

Some areas of the body are more sensitive than others and in some cases the skin may become red. This reddening usually disappears more quickly after a few hours, but it can also have the intensity of a sunburn and last for a few days.

Experience has shown that approx. 6 - 10 treatments at intervals of approx. 4 - 6 weeks are necessary to achieve the desired result. It is recommended to carry out the treatment at intervals of 4,5,6,4,5,6 weeks in order to cover all possible growth phases of the hair. However, the number and the result of the treatments always depends on the hair and skin type.

Due to the individual requirements of the treating person, it cannot be avoided that the results can turn out differently. Very fine, light and gray hair is very difficult to get rid of and requires significantly more treatments.

Beware of "cheap offers"

Attention: There are countless private / cosmetic studios that offer SHR hair removal treatments. The prices are also very different. Often, however, cheap devices / copies are used for hair removal, which have not been properly tested by the manufacturers in Asia and only provide a fraction of the performance that a professional device can provide.

In addition, the settings are often not individually adjustable and the beautician works with default settings that are not adapted to the skin type. Since the devices can only emit a certain number of flashes, the flash frequency is set very low in many cases for cost reasons and the regions to be treated are not flashed sufficiently. Thus, not all hair is reached in the growth phase, which leads to a longer session duration.

We work with the very high quality IE-15. It has an output power of up to 2000V. The settings (frequency, pulse width and energy joules / cm) can be individually adjusted and matched to the skin type. A sapphire crystal in the handpiece ensures optimal cooling. In addition, water cooling is installed, which ensures continuous cooling during the treatment. The machine is a high-performance device that guarantees absolutely optimal results.

The SHR treatment is at your own risk. The liability of Fünf GmbH and vicarious agents is limited to intent and gross negligence. Withdrawal from a subscription or reimbursement of treatment costs is not possible.

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