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Dr. Med. Simona Lüdi

Dr. Med. Simona Lüdi

Due to countless requests regarding medical-aesthetic treatments, we have now expanded our offer and offer medical-aesthetic injections in cooperation with Dr. med. Simona Lüdi, specialist FMH for plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, since August 2, 2022.

ATTENTION: the treatments can only be booked in the branch at Wettsteinplatz in Basel. All treatments with hyaluronic acid, botulinum and PROFHILO® are performed in the Beautylounge by Dr. med. Simona Lüdi.

A treatment is always preceded by a detailed consultation, in which Dr. med. Simona Lüdi takes your wishes into consideration and, after a careful assessment, creates a treatment plan together with you. Absolute naturalness and a fresh appearance are the top priority.

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