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Skinbooster and PROFHILO®

Do you want a fresh look with a beautiful glow and natural appearance? With a skinbooster or PROFHILO® treatment, Dr. med. Simona Lüdi conjures you up a new freshness and a wonderful glow on your face!

The skinbooster is a very liquid hyaluronic acid that is injected superficially under the skin using various techniques. PROFHILO® is a very popular product. PROFHILO® is a highly concentrated hyaluronic acid that is injected directly under the skin at several specific points. The hyaluronic acid is then distributed over a large area in the tissue and floods the skin with moisture from the inside. PROFHILO® also stimulates the body's own hyaluronic acid production as well as collagen and elastin production and thus improves the skin quality in the long term.

Due to its very fluid material properties, PROFHILO® does not add any additional volume to the face and does not change the facial features, but rather regenerates and repairs the skin with the long-term effect in focus.

The treatment with PROFHILO® moisturizes the skin from the inside and gives you a natural, fresh complexion and a beautiful glow. The skin appears firmer and visibly revitalized. In addition to the face, popular treatment areas include the neck, décolleté and upper arms. The effect of PROFHILO® lasts about 6 months depending on the individual skin condition and can be refreshed as often as you like.

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