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The classics

Young Clearence

This facial treatment (60 min.) has been specially developed for young skin and can be booked by young girls and boys up to the age of 18. Here the focus of our beauticians is primarily on sensitive skin that is often stressed by hormones. The manual cleansing of the pores is carried out thoroughly and the skin is supported with our cleansing products from Nimue. So you can leave the store with a completely new feeling and have created the first step for top skin.

Business Purifying

This Basic facial treatment (Peeling, steaming, cleansing, mask, final care, 60 Min.) is perfect for the quick and easy cleansing treatment in between. Do it during your lunch break, after a stressful day or just in between errands – your face will thank you.

Relaxing Moments

A classic 90-minute wellness face treatment. In this treatment we add a stimulating face, cleavage and neck massage. We pamper your beautiful skin, massaging in a nurturing ampule between cleansing and the mask, which we perfectly coordinate with your skin type. This classic facial treatment with the extra portion wellness works for every skin type. You’re never too young or too old to pamper yourself! You can find our prices here!

The medical base treatments

All of our + Add treatments target different signs of aging. Whether redness, such as cuperose, pigment spots or the first wrinkles, we have the right treatment for you. The Medical Basis Treatments form the basis for our medical and cosmetic facial treatments. They are only booked in combination with a + Add. Since we only work with cosmoceuticals from Nimue (a medical-cosmetic product line), the skin is optimally prepared for the subsequent treatment with equipment. Please note that the + Adds treatments are most effective in the long term if you combine them with a cure (6 - 10 treatments over 3 months)

Medical basis small

In this treatment, the skin is treated with a fruit acid peel after the make-up has been removed and cleaned off in order to make the complexion appear more even in preparation. The fruit acids also loosen the dead skin cells on the face and ensure that the subsequent treatment also penetrates to fresh and regenerative skin. After the technical treatment (+ Add), the skin is treated with a restorative mask (naturally tailored to the individual skin).

Medical basis grande

All our + Add Treatments

You can find our prices here!

+ Add Radio frequency

This intense facial treatment (90 Min) is an absolut MUST against the common signs of premature skin aging on face, neck and cleavage.

The energy of the ** Bio Radio Frequency** penetrates deep into the skin layers and triggers a local and steady increase of the temperature in the deep tissues during the treatment. This leads to an activation of the natural skin rejuvenation processes like for example an increased production of elastin and collagen. The Endobiostimulation stimulates the micro circulation in blood and lymph vessels and enhances the metabolism for a better circulation and detoxification. The integrated infrared light stimulates the tissue metabolism, strives for better oxygen enrichment of the skin and counteracts ageing of the skin. The antibacterial treatment promotes the removal of liquids, cell-activating and gives your skin a radiant, younger appearance already after the first treatment.

+ Add Microneedeling

During this treatment, tiny injuries are inflicted on the skin using Dermaroller or optionally Dermapen. On the one hand, this leads to a better infiltration of the active ingredients; on the other hand, there is effective cell irritation, which in turn releases the natural growth factors. It stimulates blood circulation and regeneration of the skin. In this way it renews its cells and stimulates the formation of collagen, elastic fibers and hyaluronic acid. These are precisely the skin components that are responsible for the smoothness, firmness and beauty of the skin.

The effectiveness of the microneedling method has now been confirmed by many studies. Even with acne scars or other fibrocytes, great improvements are regularly visible. A facial with a wow effect!

+ Add Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is made up of micro - small, derma - skin and brasion - loops. So it is therefore a "small skin abrasion". But what happens to the skin for detail?

Using the technique of Microdermabrasion, the uppermost cell layers of the skin are mechanically removed using fine crystals. The various attachments of the dermabrasion machine are used specifically and individually after the skin analysis. In this way, a rather thinner skin is treated with a lighter grain, in contrast to this, a keratinized skin is treated with a thicker grain of the attachment. Dead skin cells are removed completely painlessly and the lymphatic system is also activated directly through the slight vacuum of the had piece, thus improving the lymph flow.

How will the treatment affect my skin? During and after the Microdermabrasion, the regeneration of skin cells is stimulated. The microcirculation of the cells is also increased, which ultimately also promotes the restoration of an intact skin layer. When using Microdermabrasion, the active ingredients applied to the skin can also have a much more intense effect. Regular use also refines the pores and makes the skin smoother and firmer. The best thing about it: The result is immediately visible.

+ Add IPL

Anti Rouge and Spot

The „Anti Rouge and Spot“ 90 minute facial treatment removes the small and intermediate problems that are caused by premature skin ageing. The resulting pigment spots and small red veins (also known as Cuperose) are annoying and prevent a clear, harmonious and fresh skin complexion. Our exceptional facial treatment has been specially developed for this skin. The treatment is mainly based on two elements: First the skin will be cleaned and prepared for the following effect treatment. The second part consists of the PL therapy treatment. The treatment will be finished with a Booster vial and a soothing mask.

Professional Rejuvenating

This 90 minutes facial treatment aims at skin with the initial signs of ageing and unites wellness and rejuvenating all in one. We apply a Photorejuvenating treatment of pulsed light in almost infrared spectrum of 780-950 mm during a remarkable treatment of face and cleavage. This extraordinary facial treatment is characterized by a combination of relaxation and skin rejuvenation. The skin becomes visibly firmer and smoother after the treatment.

The production of new cells and collagen is stimulated and the overall appearance and structure of the skin improves. For a genuine sense of well-being! You can find our prices here!

+ Add Hifu

Where needling, radiofrequency and the like reach their limits, HIFU can use high-intensity, focused ultrasound to ensure the desired lifting effect in the long term. This treatment starts directly in the deep layers of the skin up to the SMAS, but without damaging the epidermis. A tightening of the skin (face, neck, décolleté) is provoked in a targeted manner through micro-lesions. Problem areas such as sagging cheeks, double chins or sagging eye areas can be treated efficiently. The treatment is recommended for all customers who want a natural-looking lifting and want to forego the downtime after the treatment.

With HIFU technology, the sound waves are bundled at a predefined depth in the target tissue. This focusing enables a precise, short-term heating of the target tissue to approx. 50–70 ° C limited to the so-called “focus point”. In the broader sense, HIFU can be compared with microneedling, but without injuring and opening the top layer of skin. In addition, the punctual injuries to the tissue are up to 4.5mm deep, depending on the region (with microneedling only up to a maximum of 1mm). The collagen build-up is over-provoked with this treatment and, in addition to the fact that the treatment has an immediate effect, the skin structure tightens within the following 4-6 weeks. It is advisable to have the treatment done two to three times in order to get the best result.

+ Add BB-Treatment

The BB Glow Treatment sets completely new standards in cosmetics. A mesoconcentrate formulation adapted to the individual skin needs with valuable plant extracts, hyaluronic acid and natural mineral pigments now ensures even and radiant skin.

Microneelding has been expanded to include a technology with the BB-Glow Treatment. The needling is not carried out with a dermo roller but with a dermop (machine) to ensure a more precise perforation of the skin. Using this perforation, the BB-Glow micropigments are now introduced into the skin of the face. This creates an even complexion for the skin. Pigment spots, small red areas and eyebrows are successfully balanced and the skin color harmonized.

It is recommended to repeat the treatment 2 to 3 times within 2 weeks in order to get a good covering result. The BB-Glow complexion lasts up to 6 months after a treatment. It is then recommended to repeat the treatment every 6 to 8 weeks in order to maintain the result.

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