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The classics

Business Purifying - This Basic facial treatment (Peeling, steaming, cleansing, mask, final care, 60 Min.) is perfect for the quick and easy cleansing treatment in between. Do it during your lunch break, after a stressful day or just in between errands – your face will thank you.

Relaxing Moments - A classic 90-minute wellness face treatment. In this treatment we add a stimulating face, cleavage and neck massage. We pamper your beautiful skin, massaging in a nurturing ampule between cleansing and the mask, which we perfectly coordinate with your skin type. This classic facial treatment with the extra portion wellness works for every skin type. You’re never too young or too old to pamper yourself!

Nuimue Intense SRC - This facial treatment (90 Min) is based on the high-quality products of the brand Nimue. The exceptionally high nutritional value of the caviar extract induces cell regeneration, a harmonious selection of active ingredients and replenishes the natural mineral depot of your skin. We guarantee convincing effects, pure indulgence and an exclusive experience. We recommend the Nimue Booster multi rejuvenating serum for an extraordinary replenishing program at home.

The Intenses

Bio Radio Frequency - This intense facial treatment (90 Min) is an absolut MUST against the common signs of premature skin aging on face, neck and cleavage.

The energy of the Bio Radio Frequency penetrates deep into the skin layers and triggers a local and steady increase of the temperature in the deep tissues during the treatment. This leads to an activation of the natural skin rejuvenation processes like for example an increased production of elastin and collagen. The Endobiostimulation stimulates the micro circulation in blood and lymph vessels and enhances the metabolism for a better circulation and detoxification. The integrated infrared light stimulates the tissue metabolism, strives for better oxygen enrichment of the skin and counteracts ageing of the skin. The antibacterial treatment promotes the removal of liquids, cell-activating and gives your skin a radiant, younger appearance already after the first treatment.

Anti Rouge and Spot - The „Anti Rouge and Spot“ 90 minute facial treatment removes the small and intermediate problems that are caused by premature skin ageing. The resulting pigment spots and small red veins (also known as Cuperose) are annoying and prevent a clear, harmonious and fresh skin complexion. Our exceptional facial treatment has been specially developed for this skin. The treatment is mainly based on two elements: First the skin will be cleaned and prepared for the following effect treatment. The second part consists of the PL therapy treatment. The treatment will be finished with a Booster vial and a soothing mask.

Professional Rejuvenating - This 90 minutes facial treatment aims at skin with the initial signs of ageing and unites wellness and rejuvenating all in one. We apply a Photorejuvenating treatment of pulsed light in almost infrared spectrum of 780-950 mm during a remarkable treatment of face and cleavage. This extraordinary facial treatment is characterized by a combination of relaxation and skin rejuvenation. The skin becomes visibly firmer and smoother after the treatment. The production of new cells and collagen is stimulated and the overall appearance and structure of the skin improves. For a genuine sense of well-being!

Bio Effect

Young skin produces enough EGF itself in order to maintain youthful beauty. As we get older our skin slows down its own EGF production and starts to lose firmness and elasticity. As time goes by the collagen and elastin amount of the skin layers fade away, the skin gets thinner and first wrinkles appear.

EGF sends out important signals between skin cells. The EGF cell activator recognizes a specific receptor on the surface of the skin cells with which it binds. Then the receptor sends a message through a complex signaling cascade to the cell nucleus, the “control center” of the cell. The message is translated into different cell activities in the cell nucleus and that leads to increased collagen and elastin production.

The natural process of cell renewal can be stimulated and the visible effect of skin aging can be reduced if BIOEFFECT EGF serum is applied to the skin. The result is a smoother, firmer, completely moisturized skin with a fresh and youthful appearance.



Junge Haut produziert genügend eigenen EGF, um ihre jugendliche Ausstrahlung zu erhalten. Wenn wir älter werden, verlangsamt die Haut ihre natürliche EGF-Produktion und beginnt, ihre Festigkeit und Elastizität zu verlieren. Mit der Zeit schwindet die Collagen- und Elastinmenge in der Hautschicht dahin, die Haut wird dünner und die ersten Falten bilden sich.

EGF wirkt als natürliches Signalsystem zwischen Hautzellen. Der EGF Zell-Aktivator erkennt einen spezifischen Rezeptor auf der Oberfläche der Hautzellen, mit dem er eine Bindung eingeht. Der Rezeptor sendet dann wiederum durch eine komplexe Signalkaskade eine Nachricht an den Zellkern, das ‚Kontrollzentrum‘ der Zelle. Im Zellkern wird die Nachricht in verschiedene Zellaktivitäten übersetzt, die zu einer erhöhten Collagen- und Elastinproduktion führen.

Wenn BIOEFFECT EGF Serum auf die Haut aufgetragen wird, kann dieser natürliche Prozess der Zellerneuerung stimuliert und der sichtbare Effekt der Hautalterung reduziert werden. Das Ergebnis ist eine glattere, festere, vollständig mit Feuchtigkeit versorgte Haut mit einem frischen, jugendlicheren Aussehen.