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Permanent Make Up

PMU Brows


Whether there are hardly any or completely missing eyebrows, a well-done permanent make-up on your eyebrows can give you back your face contour. It is absolutely essential that the shape of the eyebrows is individually matched to your face. You can find our prices here!

What is the difference to the microblading method?

Initially there is hardly any visual difference to the often used [microblading method],(http:// in which the color pigments are scratched into the skin. The advantage, however, is that the PMU technology applies the pigments to the deeper layers of the skin and that the color pigments don't degrade or only degrade very slowly. You will therefore enjoy your "new" eyebrows for a long time.

What kind of pigmentation techniques are there?

A big advantage of the permanent pigmentation method is that we are able to implement various techniques. On the one hand with the powder technique. Very fine shading is used here to give the brow the look of a lightly "powdered" brow. This is a very natural type of a PMU and is mainly used for existing eyebrows that have small gaps. This can also be achieved with the single hair technique. There are many women whose eyebrow hair, especially in old age, become less and less. With this technique we conjure up a completely new eyebrow on your face. The fine hair makes it look like as if it is your natural real eyebrow.

PMU eyeliner

Whether lash line compression or permanent make-up eyeliner, a PMU treatment emphasizes your natural charisma and ensures a harmonious overall appearance. A concise shade on the lash line makes the lashes appear thicker and ensures a more expressive look.

Shading on the lower eyelid also helps to emphasize the eye and make the gaze appear more radiant. Our PMU specialists rely exclusively on the "Natural Permanent Method", with which the most natural results can be achieved. You can find our prices here!

PMU lips

When is a lip PMU recommended?

A lip PMU is used for different needs. There are therefore different techniques, depending on the customer's needs. For example, a full drawing of the lips, the tracing of the lip contour in the respective lip color, shading of the lips or an adaptation of the contour / scar adaptation in lip color. You can find our prices here!

Don't the lips look unnatural after a PMU?

With permanent make-up of the lips, our focus is on an absolutely natural-looking result. The beauty of your lips should be

emphasized without creating an unnatural effect. It is important to find the right balance between subtle accents and harmonious accentuation of optically important areas.

Can the lips be optically enlarged with permanent make-up?

Yes, permanent make-up can visually enlarge the lips. To do this, the lip contours are drawn and the lip looks larger after the treatment thanks to fine shading. With the help of this technique it is also possible to even out small asymmetries or unevenness on the lips.

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