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Feet & Nails


If your toenails need a little refresher, then you're best served with the"Business Pedicure" (30-45 minutes). The cuticles get removed, the toenail is sanded, polished and finished with either a top coat of OPI or Essie or coated with Shellac. Our color selection is unique here in Basel!

Wellness is not a concept for us, it is our promise to you! The "Spa Pedicure" (60 - 75 minutes) is designed to meet your demanding needs. After a refreshing foot bath and an extensive nail care with paint, the rough skin cells are removed by the foot peeling. A relaxing foot massage completes this unique pampering treatment.

"Spa Pedicure Complete" (75 - 90 minutes) includes not only the wellness treatment but also a professional removal of the cornea. We work with a special callus gel which we get from the US. The cornea is removed by machine and manually, before we continue with the pampering treatment. You can find our prices here!

For total relaxation during our pedicures we also provide our high-quality massage chairs where you can choose as a free extra from over 5 different massage programs.

Pamper your feet

The absolute luxury version of the pedicure and unique here in Basel and Baselland! We exclusively offer the sensational Calluspeeling by Mavex. Allow yourself an extra portion of callus removal with the additional treatment "Spa Complete". You’ll never have firm, dried out skin on the feet again! Our products are completely natural, without parabens, formaldehyde, additonal preservatives, mineral oil or paraffin. They are formulated with a special synergy complex from the plant essences of the Swiss Alps among other things like gentian, blueberry, Norway spruce and the purest glacier water in liposome encapsulated.

The entire wonderful force of nature and mountain caught in a special treatment that does not only protect and enhance, but also gives you a deep feeling of freshness, ease and well-being. Get an idea of this yourself and watch our additional video.

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