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Feet & Nails

Business Pedicure

You have little time? Would you like to pay a little attention to your feet? Well then you're in the right place with us. The specially designed "Business Pedicure" is for your smaller time budget. Your toenails will be given full attention here. They get beautifully shaped, cuticles are getting professionally removed, sharp and annoying nail edges discontinued and if necessary the nail plate will be polished.

The 30 minute treatment is completed by any nail polish of your choice. If you prefer regular nail polish, then we have a huge selection of colors for you. We only use nailpolish from US brands such as O.P.I and Essie, because they fit in our quality standarts and according to our experience, last incredibly long.

Of course, we also like to paint your toenails with a color from our CND Shellac color palette. This semi-permanent varnish is cured under the UV lamp and lasts longer than a regular polish. So you can enjoy your pamperet feet much longer. However, you have to reseve an additionally 45 minutes for this kind of finish. You can find our prices here!

Spa Pedicure

We often walk up to 10'000 steps a day and in each one our feet are directly involved. Unlike other more passive parts of our body. We use our feet daily and they rarely get the attention they deserve.

So if you want to give your feet a proper care, try our unique Spa Pedicure. "Spa for your feet" is a relaxing and enjoyable foot care treatment.

We start with a warm and fragrant foot bath, which you can enjoy in one of our massaging relaxing armchairs. Your feet will also get a fruit peel by Cuccio, which will make your dead skin scales disappear immetiately. The complete nail care and polish will also included. Optionally a regular polish or by Shellac from CND. At the very end you will enjoy an extensive an relaxing foot massage.

Spa Pedicure Complete

To be honest - Cornea is an annoying thing. It does not look pretty and may even become a health risk if the dead skin gets some cracks and open it up. But what is cornea, where does it come from? And most of all, how are we going to get rid of it?

Cornea is caused by changes in individual skin layers. These skin lesions consist of dead skin cells. These skin cells occurre at body parts wich are frequently claimed. It is mainly there to protect the skin against pressure and friction and is often caused by incorrect footwear. The thickness of the cornea and where it occurs may also depend on genetic factors.

Cornea or not - we do not want to give up our Hig Heels! That's why the "Spa Pedicure Complete" was developed. With this treatment we put the cornea really on the pelage. A special acidic gel from the USA is used to soak and loosen the cornea first. Subsequently, the cornea is removed manually and by machine. The approximately 90-minute foot treatment also includes the full spa treatment. From exfoliation to massage to the nailpolish. It's a full foot treatment wich don't let any wishes beside. You can find our prices here!


The absolute luxury version of the pedicure and unique here in Basel and Baselland! We exclusively offer the sensational Calluspeeling by Mavex. Allow yourself an extra portion of callus removal with the additional treatment by Mavex. You’ll never have firm, dried out skin on the feet again! Mavex products are completely natural, without parabens, formaldehyde, additonal preservatives, mineral oil or paraffin. They are formulated with a special synergy complex from the plant essences of the Swiss Alps among other things like gentian, blueberry, Norway spruce and the purest glacier water in liposome encapsulated.

The entire wonderful force of nature and mountain caught in a special treatment that does not only protect and enhance, but also gives you a deep feeling of freshness, ease and well-being. Get an idea of this yourself and watch our additional video.

And don’t forget: If you’d like to allow yourself this special treatment for your feet in addition to a pedicure: Please indicate it in your online reservation under „special wishes“. You can find our prices here!

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