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Face Treatments

Facial Treatments

Our care rituals are holistic and deeply relaxing. After the treatment you feel rested and revitalized, your skin is fresh and nourished. Our treatment procedures and products used by Junglück are individually adapted to your skin condition: Pure cosmetics, fragrant compresses and the touch of the skin allow a lasting time-out from everyday life. The intensive active ingredients contribute to an improvement of the skin's appearance and keep your skin healthy and beautiful.

Before you put yourself in the hands of others and enjoy it, trust is needed. Trust arises in the consultation, which in turn needs profound knowledge and love for the craft of cosmetics.

For us, this means above all: listening and feeling. Every customer has their own story under and on their skin. Because we understand and appreciate this, we do not offer fixed programs, but only contingents of our working time on their well-being. We invite you to spend some time in our experienced hands.

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