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Cosmetic teeth bleaching

Everyone wants a bright white smile, but very few have it without cosmetic help. Thanks to Smile’Up, cosmetic teeth bleaching is now possible in Basel.

The Smile’Up teeth whitening works via a whitening gel which is based on sodium percarbonate (Na2CO3). Once the gel has been activated, smaller doses of oxygen are released, which turn break the discoloration in the tooth enamel with the help of LED light and then dissolve it.

This gentle yet very efficient method was developed in Swiss collaboration with an American laboratory and refined to perfection. What distinguishes Smile’Up as a partner for us is a high-quality product that guarantees the best results or teeth whitening between 3 and 9 levels within 36 minutes.

As a certified partner of Smile’Up, we now also give our customers a bright white smile. Whether for a wedding, a vacation on the beach or just like that. Professional teeth whitening is an absolute must for today's beauty enthusiast. You can find our prices here!

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