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Young Clearence (60 min)

This facial treatment is specially designed for the needs of young skin and can be booked by young girls and boys up to the age of 18. Here the focus of our beauty experts is on harmonizing sensitive and hormonally imbalanced skin. The manual cleansing of the skin is carried out thoroughly and supported with the immediately effective active ingredients BHA, zinc and niacinamides from Jungglück.

Refreshed and clarified with a beautiful skin feeling and valuable care tips, the basis for healthy skin is created. Our Pricelist you can find here!

Glow Treatment (60 min)

A holistic beauty ritual (60 min.) which, through the combination of manual-therapeutic treatment techniques such as lymphatic drainage and acupressure in combination with the purest cosmetic ingredients from Junglück, immediately boosts the skin with moisture and makes it glow. The individualized, detoxifying, clarifying and harmonizing effects of this therapeutic composition make this treatment suitable for all skin types.

This facial treatment serves as a little in-between care for stressed and tired skin. Whether during lunch break, after a stressful day at work or just because - the intensive moisture boost for the face is always worth it. With this treatment, the focus is on a radiantly beautiful and healthy complexion.

Rejuvenating Treatment (90 min)

A highly effective Rejuvenating beauty ritual (90 min.). Stimulating fascial head and face massage techniques in addition to our deep cleansing lymphatic drainage and activating acupressure intensively stimulate the nutrient supply and detoxification of the connective tissue, activate the body's own collagen synthesis and ensure visibly firmer and sustainably revitalized skin and facial contours. In combination with individually tailored active ingredients, skin aging is effectively counteracted. Nourished, clear and visibly tightened skin embedded in a holistic well-being are the results of this special treatment.

A 90 minute treatment for your skin. The Rejuvenating treatment also includes a fascia deep tissue facial, décolleté and neck massage. Through an intensive cleansing , nourishing masks and high quality ampoules with pure active ingredients that are infused into the skin, the skin attains an incomparable vitality and clarity. This facial care with the extra of deep relaxation is suitable for every facial skin. Our beauty experts adjust the individual products to the respective skin type. An incomparable sensory and care experience, which you should treat yourself to from time to time. You don't treat yourself to anything else, do you?

De-Stress Treatment (120 min)

A mindful full-body beauty ritual of a special kind. Selected finest active ingredients, targeted compositions of therapeutic fascial deep tissue techniques and aromatherapy abduct not only the skin but the whole person into a state of deep relaxation and long-lasting well-being. Starting with an alkaline foot bath, detoxification processes of the tissues are stimulated, which have an immediate effect on the skin.

A detox face, neck and décolleté cleansing with enzymes frees the skin from external and internal impurities and promotes tissue regeneration processes. Hand and foot massages not only stimulate the microcirculation of the entire organism but also contribute to a state of complete relaxation. Intensive incorporation of pure active ingredients into the skin of the face, neck and décolleté lead to visible results within a very short time. Targeted decongestive lymphatic drainage allows swollen and congested areas of the face to become clear and firm again. Well-founded massage techniques strengthen and train the facial muscles for soft facial expressions and firm contours. A treatment composition that not only brings your skin into absolute balance.

An extremely relaxing and effective 2-hour treatment, from head to toe, tailored to the needs of your skin and senses. Treat yourself to a moment of absolute deceleration and transformative skin care, for a toned, refined and radiantly healthy skin texture and body.

Medical Base

A 45 minute deep cleansing detox treatment to optimally prepare your skin for increased absorption of active ingredients. The dermocosmetic high-technology can thus work more effectively.

The intensive Double Cleanse cleansing with enzymes reliably frees the skin from external impurities and dead skin cells, at the same time strengthens the regeneration processes of the skin, and ensures that the subsequent treatment also penetrates to the fresh and regenerative tissue cells. After the apparative treatment (+ add), the skin is treated and refined with a restorative mask, naturally adjusted to the individual skin type.

Medical Add ons (+ Add)

All our + Add treatments target different signs of aging. Whether redness, like cuperosis, pigmentation spots or first wrinkles, we have the right treatment for you.

The Medical Basis Treatments form the basis for our Medical - Cosmetic Facial Treatments. They are booked exclusively in combination with a + Add. Since we work exclusively with cosmoceuticals from Nimue (a medical-cosmetic product line), the skin is optimally prepared for the subsequent apparative treatment.

Please note that the + Adds treatments are most effective in the long term if you combine them with a course of treatment (6 - 10 treatments over 3 months).

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