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Intense Pulsed Light


IPL against spider veins and pigment spots

Pigment spots and small red veins (also known as cuperosis) are disturbing and prevent an even skin appearance. They can be frequently and permanently removed completely with the use of xenon light (also IPL - Intense Pulsed Light). In this process, visible blood vessels near the surface are treated by light absorption of hemoglobin. Controlled pulses of light are delivered to the affected areas of the skin, and at a temperature of 60-65°C, blood coagulation is induced in the vessels. The dead vessels are then gradually eliminated through the body's lymphatic system.

Please note that when the flash penetrates the skin, it feels like small "pricks" there may be a slight sensation of warmth on the skin. Some people are more sensitive than others, and there may also be a slight redness of the skin during the treatment. However, the redness disappears after a few hours. For a successful therapy, 4 to 5 treatments are usually necessary, at intervals of about 4 weeks.

IPL against wrinkles | for collagen formation

Photorejuvenation means the rejuvenation of the skin with light. In our case with pulsed light in the spectral range between 780 - 950 nm. For the rejuvenation of the skin, however, only the "good" parts of the light are used, and all the more concentrated for that. The treatment gives the skin a uniformly natural color and the skin surface appears younger, firmer and less porous.

Repeated applications can improve these results many times over, of course. Various studies have also shown that skin texture and skin tightening improve many times over due to the stimulation of collagen fibers. The facial skin feels plumper and more saturated after this treatment. Collagen production is stimulated and cell division is promoted. For an all-round new skin feeling!

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