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Microdermabrasion consists of micro - small, derma - skin and brasion - loops together. Put together, it is therefore a "small skin abrasion". But what happens to the skin around detail? The Hydro Microdermabrasion technique mechanically removes the uppermost cell layers of the skin using fine crystals and sucks them off with water. The various attachments of the dermabrasion machine are used specifically and individually after the skin analysis. Thus, a rather sensitive skin is treated with a lighter granulation, on the other hand, a more calloused skin is treated with a stronger granulation of the attachment. Dead skin cells are removed completely painlessly with the saline solution and the slight vacuum of the handpiece activates the lymphatic channels and thus improves the lymphatic flow.

How will the treatment affect my skin?

During and after the Hydro Microdermabrasion the regeneration of the skin cells is stimulated. Likewise, the dead skin cells are removed with a saline solution and the microcirculation of the cells is increased, which ultimately also promotes the restoration of an intact skin layer. When using hydro microdermabrasion, the active ingredients that are then applied to the skin can have a much more intensive effect. Regular use also refines the pores and makes the skin smoother and firmer. The best thing about it: the result is immediately visible.

What is the difference between regular microdermabrasion and hydro microdermabrasion? Regular Microdermabrasion uses a tool with a diamond coating or rough surface to scrape away layers of dead skin. The process is painless, but slight redness and irritation may occur. The microdermabrasion with additional water supply, also known as hydromicrodermabrasion, instead uses water jets in addition to the diamond-coated attachments to additionally cleanse and exfoliate the skin. It is often described as being gentler and more comfortable than regular microdermabrasion and there is less redness and irritation.

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