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Gel Nails

Gel Nails

No more thick, wavy and shovel-shaped gel nails. A new aera of gel-based nail extensions and strengthening has arrived! Our sophisticated LED hardening gels allow us to work in amazingly thin layers. Be it a new set of French nails, Full Cover, or a gel refill, we give you perfect results!

The latest technology of LED lamps cures your nails for perfect durability. We guarantee you no more lifting or discolored nails. Our one-week guarantee allows you to fix any slips that might happen. We also guarantee you a quick refill by using our efficient and professional gel technology. A refill never takes longer than 55 minutes, and our clients often pop in during lunch breaks. We offer more than 300 different colors! You can find our prices here!

Nail Deco

For those of you who like it colorful, we offer nail decorations of endless possibilities! We work with various techniques and materials ranging from classic Swarovski stones to hand-drawn designs and 3D decorations. You can find our prices here!

Before booking, make sure you check out our team members online and book a stylist specialized in decorations.


Will my nail be damaged by the modeling?

No way. When the gel modeling is done expertly, the natural nail will not be damaged. For a new set, the natural nail must be roughened and degreased only to achieve an optimal adhesion result. This does not affect the nail.

Can I do nailpolish on artificial nails?

For sure. Gel nails can always be nailpolished. There is no need to use a base coat and the colour can be applied directly on to the gel nails. For the polish removal you have to use use acetone-free nail polish remover.

What do I do if a nail splits or there is a lifting?

Like natural nails, gel nails can be damaged by bumps, punches or similar and if they do, it sometimes can lead to painful injuries of the natural nail. In exceptional cases, lifting can also occur. If so, just call and benefit from our 1 week warranty.

I bite on my nails. Can you help me?

A nail extension and modellage is of course, a purely visual improvement of the bitten nails. In most cases, however, the modeling also helps on the emotional level and can help those affected to permanently get rid of compulsive chewing / nibbling. It is very important that they also want it themselves and are willing to manipulate the gel with their mouth and hands.

When do you need to refill your nails?

The natural nail grows and thus creates a "gap" from natural to artificial nail. The regular time between the appointments is approx. 3 weeks, with very slow nail growth maximum 4 weeks. It's best to book the refill appointment online as soon as possible so you can make sure, your favorite nailtech is available.

Are gel nails harmful because the nail can not breathe?

Nails do not breathe. They are just like your hair "skin appendages" and are supplied by the root with oxygen from the blood. In addition, the nail has a natural fat film, through this he can not "breathe" also.

Can I remove my gel modeling myself?

Do not remove nail modeling by force or abrasion yourself. Incorrect removal may damage the natural nail. The removal of the modeling belongs to our job. Bether do an appointment with us.

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