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Shellac by CND

Shellac manicure

All our manicures or pedicures can be booked either with regular vanish (OPI/Essie) or permanent lacquering with Shellac. You can find our prices here!

Shellac (CND) lasts up to two weeks, which is more than double the time of a regular polish.

The company CND was the absolute pioneer in regard to „permanent polish“. CND has conquered the international market with a gel-like nail polish, which hardens solely in the UV lamp. The trend remains and there are many imitators who implement the principle of permanent nail polish. The original „Shellac by CND“ remains top seller number 1 and convinces qualitatively all along the line! And only the best is good enough for us!


Who goes for Shellac?

Shellac by CND is a semi-permanent nail vanish that can be used by any woman. Especially women with natural short nails prefer this method, as they then have 2 weeks top lacquered nails and do not have to worry about their manicure during this time.

How long does Shellac last?

CND recommends a renewal of the Shellac manicure around every 14 days. We recommend renewing the polish at the latest after 2.5 weeks, as the color has often grown out by then. It can also last longer but with the gap between the nail and the colour is obviously visible after that time.

Can I remove Shellac by myself?

It is highly recommended to have Shellac professionally removed to prevent damages to the natural nail.

Can I remove Shellac with nail polish remover?

Yes and no. Since Shellac by CND is a patented combination of nail polish and gel, you only get the desired effect when you have the right equipment for a Shellac treatment. If other products or techniques are used, your natural nail suffers.

Are there enough colors to choose from?

Don't worry. CND is coming up with some new colors every season. Of course, there is also the possibility to mix colors up, so we can design completely new color mixes.

Is there anything comparable to Shellac by CND?

CND was the first company who lounched this "hybrid" so a mixture of nail polish and gel on the market. Since then, many companies have been trying to copy the concept. At our Beautylounges we exclusively work with the original. So you can be sure getting the very best product and treatment with us.

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