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Just for him

Him Treatments

Cosmetic treatments are exclusively for women? Not even close. Since David Beckham and co. (Almost) every man is now aware that a hair-free (or at least well-trimmed) breast is more popular with women than the wild growth from the 70s. You can find our beauty lounge offer for hair removal for men here.

A representative study commissioned by IKW Germany also showed that cosmetics and beauty are no longer just “girl stuff”. Many men of creation often still associate the term “cosmetics” with “things for the face and the nails”. But more and more young men in particular are attaching increasing importance to a well-groomed appearance and intensive body care. Our Him - Manis and Pedis are the perfect opportunity to show women that beautiful hands and feet are part of your program nowadays. Because there is no denying it. Many see their external appearance in close connection with their own self-worth: the more well-groomed they look, the more comfortable and, above all, more secure they feel. They even outperform girls when it comes to hairstyling: 50 percent of boys use hairstyling products (several times) a day to get their hairstyles into shape and to keep it that way. The statement: today's man is well-groomed.

A facial for the man? Shape your eyebrows? Have a relaxing massage or small fat deposits disappear using cryolipolysis? It's all just a matter of self-love. And when it comes to women, then of course being well-groomed means the all-round package from head to toe. That is why we have created a separate section especially for you, which also perfectly covers male beauty needs and makes you want to take a little male break.

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