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Bringing the eyebrows into shape is no longer just a woman's business, but is part of the regular care routine for many men. This is by no means about plucking the brow hair excessively or completely changing its shape, but rather emphasizing the natural brow correctly and only removing a few "superfluous" hairs and outliers here and there. Even small changes can make a big difference here. Correctly defined and masculine eyebrows look well-groomed and emphasize the eyes. They give their wearer charisma and a confident aura. You also appear confident, serious and sexy. With warm wax and the tweezers, we give your eyebrows the necessary curve and expression. Try it out - you won't want to miss your monthly eyebrow care any more. You can find our prices here!

Facial for him

Men's skin ages later than women's skin. This is because it is around 20% thicker and can store more moisture up to around 50 years of age. It also produces almost twice as much sebum and fat, which makes it more pliable. This fatty film is important because it makes the pH value of the skin more acidic and thus the protective acid mantle of the skin is more stable. This stores the moisture and also prevents the penetration of germs.

The increased sebum production also has its disadvantages. Enlarged pores, unsightly blackheads on the nose and forehead, acne and reddened skin are just a few irritations that can occur due to the high sebum production. With older age, however, the skin's collagen production also decreases and the first signs of skin aging can be expected.

We have therefore put together a Nimue Man Care facial treatment that is specially matched to the needs of men's skin. Of course, we are also happy to advise you on suitable home care to keep your youthful appearance (almost) always. You can find our prices here!

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