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Manicure Pedicure

The Him - Manicure

If you want to treat your hands to a treatment, it is best to choose a "Him Business Manicure" from us. Your nails are trimmed and shaped, and annoying cuticles are removed in the process. Finally, you will receive a short maintenance with our Cuccio products. You can find our prices here!

The Him - Pedicure

Well-groomed feet are also very popular with men these days. Whether footballer feet ;-) or office-goers, we shorten and polish your nails with a "Him Business Pedicure", massage and peel additionally with a "Him Spa Pedicure" and remove annoying calluses with the "Him Spa Pedicure Complete". Optionally, there is a soothing massage on our massage chairs free of charge. You can find our prices here!

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