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Trainee Treatments

Trainee Treatments

Our beauty stylists are continuously expanding their product range with the help of trainee treatments. We also have some beauticians in training for the qualification beautician EFZ, who offer various beauty treatments. These treatments at a low price are carried out by trainees and accompanied and controlled by professionals.

Benefit from our attractive trainee offers and book your trainee treatment conveniently online or via the beauty lounge app. Please note that not all trainee offers are offered in all branches, that the trainee treatments take a little longer than the regular treatments and can only be booked between october and november.

Our prices you can find here!

Unsere Trainee Treatments im Überblick

-Lashextensions 1:1 Technik (120 Min) 49 CHF

-Lashextensions 3 D Volume (120 Min) 49 CHF

-Lashlifting (75 Min) 49 CHF

-Gel Nails (new Set or Refil)(120 Min) 49 CHF

-Mani & Pedi with Shellack (150 Min) 69 CHF

-Manicure with Shellack (75 Min) 39 CHF

-Pedicure with Shellack (75 Min) 39 CHF

-Manicure with Farblack (60 Min) 29 CHF

-Pedicure with Farblack (60 Min) 29 CHF

-Mani & Pedi with Farblack (120 Min) 49 CHF

-Spa Pedicure Complete mit Shellack (120 Min) 69 CHF

-Waxing Legs & Armpits (60 Min) 39 CHF

-Classic Facial (90 Min) 59 CHF

-Backmassage (30 Min) 35 CHF

-WowBrows (45 Min) 22 CHF

-Threading (30 Min) 19 CHF

-PMU Brows (240 Min) 249 CHF

-PMU Lid unten (90 Min) 99 CHF

-PMU Lid oben (90 Min) 149 CHF

-PMU Lid oben & unten (180 Min) 299 CHF

-PMU Lippen Kontur (180 Min) 249 CHF

-PMU Lippen ganz (240 Min) 399 CHF

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