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Basel 1


Filialleiterin Basel 1 (F/D)

After graduating in cosmetics with the "Preuvet Professionnel d'Esthétique" in 2000, I worked for a large cosmetics chain in Mulhouse for over 15 years. For the last five years I was the site manager and led a team of 6 beauticians. As a trainer, I was also responsible for the training and further education of the nail stylists. Since August 2019 I'm a passionate beauty lounge lady.

What sets me apart is my efficient and precise way of working. I work very routinely and quickly. My passion are the perfect gel and shellack nails and hair removal with warm wax. For Lashlifitngs and Pedis you are also in good hands with me.

Your Jessica


Stv. Filialleitung Basel 1 (F/D/EN)

I joined the beauty lounge team in Basel on July 2nd, 2020, which I'm super happy about. Before that, I worked as a beautician in a large company in France for 7 years. Spa treatments (manicure and pedicure with Shellac, massages and face treatments) are my great passion. I also have years of experience with waxings.

I finished my training as a lashexpert in December 2020, because I am very fascinated by the beautification around the eyelashes, and I like to constantly learn new things and always want to develop myself further. I am now very happy to offer you this treatment.

I look forward to welcoming you to our place soon.

Your Stella


Kosmetikerin BP Basel 1 (F/EN/D)

It has always been my great passion to work as a beautician, which is why I completed my training as a beautician in France in 2009. After that, I was able to gain a lot of experience in various beauty salons and specialized in gel modeling, manicures and pedicures as well as waxings. With my high demands on the perfect result, I'm in exactly the right team since 2017, the Basel Beautylounge.

The beautification of my valued customers through my many years of skill gives me great pleasure every day. I work every day except Tuesdays in Basel 1.

I look forward to your booking with me :-)

Your Marine


Kosmetikerin CAP Basel 1 (F/IT/D/EN)

My passion has always been to pamper other people with cosmetic treatments. After graduating as a beautician in 2011, I managed a branch of a large beauty chain in France until recently and since mid-May 2021 I am a permanent member of the Beautylounge Ladies in Bäumleingasse in Basel.

My strengths include waxing, the perfect gel nails and pedicures. In addition, I have completed a certificate for lashextensions and would like to continue to improve in this field. I also love to work efficiently and am very happy to welcome you at Bäumleingasse.

Yours Julie


Kosmetikerin CAP Basel 1 (F/EN/D)

I successfully completed my training as a beautician in 2016. Until recently, I worked as a beautician in a large cosmetic institute in France. Since March 2022, I now support the beautyteam in Basel 1.

Even as a child I loved to paint my nails and I discovered very early that everything to do with beauty and body care inspires me. Among my favorite works are especially beautiful gel and shellac nails. I also specialize in the perfect waxing. It gives me great pleasure to be able to pursue a work that has always been a great passion for me.

I look forward to seeing you.

Your Caroline


Kosmetikerin CAP Basel 1 (F/EN/D)

I successfully completed my training as a beautician in 2020. Until recently, I worked as a beautician in a large cosmetic institute in France. Since August 2022, I now support the beauty team in Basel.

Already as a child I loved to paint my nails and I discovered very early that everything that has to do with beauty and body care inspires me. Among my favorite works are especially beautiful gel and shellac nails. I also specialize in the perfect waxing. It gives me great pleasure to be able to pursue a work that has always been a great passion for me.

I look forward to seeing you.

Your Juliette


Kosmetikerin CAP Basel 1 (FR/D)

In 2020 I completed my training as a beautician in France with the "CAP Esthetique". Since then I have worked in a beauty salon in France, specializing mainly in gel nails and waxing.

My favorites are full body waxing and various gel nails. Getting lash lifts and eyebrows in a perfect shape is also a passion for me and I look forward to pampering my customers with a relaxing and perfect service every day. Of course, I also like to serve our customers with our basic treatments such as manicure and pedicure.

Book an appointment with me, I look forward to seeing you.

Yours, Cassie


Praktikantin Basel 1(D/EN)

For me it was always clear that my path will lead me into cosmetics. Since I have always been interested in well-being in my own body, healthy beauty and current beauty trends from around the world. After graduation, I wanted to dive into the professional world of cosmetics. As an intern in the Beautylounge, I can experience and experience exactly all of this first hand. It's a wonderful place, and am glad to be part of this team.

Yours Yvie


Basel (F)

I have been working as a hairstylist in Basel for more than 20 years now and styling hair is still my absolute passion.

Especially the natural trends have done it to me. I receive my long-standing clientele at Bäumleingasse 22, right next to the Beautylounge.

I would be happy if you visit me in my salon. For an appointment, you can reach me at my direct number +41 61 271 12 90.

Your Pascal

Basel 2


Filialleiterin Basel 2 (F/EN/D)

I completed my training as a beautician in 2016 and have continued my education until the "Breuvet de Maitrise", a master certificate in cosmetology which is the highest degree in this industry and also qualifies me to train beauticians in Switzerland. I have been working at Institut Beringer for the last few years and since mid May 2021 I am here for you in Basel at Grenzacherstrasse.

My favorite thing to do is perfect shellac nails, pedicures and lashextensions. For me, there is also nothing better than offering my clients a relaxed beauty experience by relieving muscle tension with a massage or conjuring up the perfect glow on their face with a facial treatment.

I am happy to now be a part of the Beautylounge Ladies team and look forward to offering you a pampering spa pedicure or a wellness manicure as well.

Yours Sarah


Stv. Filialleiterin Basel 2 (F/D/EN)

After completing my master’s degree in marketing, I decided to retrain as a beautician in 2016. I'm working on the job since 2017 and I have endless fun fulfilling my customers' big and small beauty wishes every day. As I speak several languages fluently, I am also very popular with our international clientele.

In addition to Shellack manicures and pedicures, my favorite beauty treatments include waxings, facials and massages. Most recently, I specialized in permanent hair removal with our SHR laser and am happy to advise you comprehensively on this topic. I am very happy if you book an appointment with me in the future.

Your Mélanie


Kosmetikerin CAP Basel 2 (D/F)

After my apprenticeship as a cosmetics specialist in 2004, I worked as a beautician in the Beauty & Nail division. Most recently I worked in a professional cosmetic studio in Basel for several years. Since May 2018 I'm an integral part of the Beauty Lounge Ladies in Pratteln.

Thanks to my additional training in microblading, laser treatments and facial cosmetics, I can offer you a wide range of treatments. It is important to me to always stay on the ball and always do my work correctly. The perfect lashes and nails are also a matter of course for me.

Your Karen


Kosmetikerin BP Basel 2 (FR/EN/D)

I am a nail and beauty stylist since 2005 and I'm a beauty lounge lady since the beginning of April 2019. The years before I've worked in France as a store manager in a large beauty salon. A top facial treatment as well as perfect gel nails, a soothing Shellac manicure or pedicure are a matter of course for me.

I work in the store on Bäumleingasse every day except on Fridays and I would be delighted if you came to visit me. You are guaranteed a top job.

Your Vanessa


Kosmetikerin BTS Basel 2 (F/E/D)

Eight years ago I found my calling. I am passionate about the world of beauty and well-being and am extremely committed to the complete satisfaction of my customers.

Until recently, I worked in a cosmetic institute in France. My passion is facials, depilation and gel nails. 3 years ago, I also trained as a lash stylist and conjure my customers with lashes a great lash. Since mid-May 2021, I am a permanent member of the Beautylounge team and am happy when I can sweeten my customers' day with my beauty skills.

I think it is important that I can develop myself further and I am currently working very hard to improve my German skills. I am looking forward to welcome you in our house and to use my skills for you.

Yours Andrea

Adeline B.

Kosmetikerin BP Basel 2 (F/EN/D)

Since 2010 I am a state-certified beautician and worked the last 12 years in France in a cosmetic studio where I have continuously trained and specialized in various services. Since May 2022 I support the team at Grenzacherstrasse with my passion for cosmetics.

My passion is permanent make up. I love to emphasize and support the outer appearance of a person with my skills. Of course, I also like to help your eyelashes to new momentum with our popular Lashliftung or I pamper you with an extensive massage. If you want to strengthen your natural nails with gel, then you are also there with me at the right address.

My customers appreciate my exact and speedy work, and I always meet my customers with a smile.

Come and visit us spontaneously, I look forward to welcoming you.

Your Adeline

Dr. med. S. Lüdi


I grew up in the region of Basel and completed my medical studies at the University of Basel in 2013. After many years of plastic surgery training at various clinics in Switzerland, I work as a specialist in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery and am the holder of both the Swiss specialist title (FMH) and the European specialist title (EBOPRAS).

From January 2023 I will take over the Praxisklink am Rhein AG in Basel and offer the entire spectrum of plastic-aesthetic surgery there and the procedures can be carried out directly in the clinic thanks to the clinic's own operating room. In addition to my passion for breast and facial surgery, I’m specialized in aesthetic treatments including Botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid.

It is very important to me to respond to the wishes and individual needs of my patients and to achieve absolutely natural treatment results.

Since the highest level of professionalism, quality and naturalness is the top priority for both me and the Beautylounge, I am very happy about the new cooperation.


Praktikantin Basel 2 (D/IT/EN)

Since I can remember I like cosmetics and everything that has to do with it. For me, therefore, only one profession comes into question, the profession of beautician. Now I am doing an internship at the Beautylounge, and this decision was exactly right for me. I am very happy to be able to learn practically, in a beautiful and professional environment.

Your Chiara



Filialleiterin Oberwil (F/D/EN)

Since graduating with the "Prevet Professionnel Esthétique" in 2001, I'm working as a beautician. With over 16 years of professional experience, I really enjoy working on the customer every day. Gel nails, facials, pedicures; with me you are in good hands.

In 2013 I trained as a permanent make-up stylist. Whether the perfect lip contour, a drawing of hairs for an authentic eyebrow, I love to support the natural facial features with the optimal drawing of colors and shapes. I'm looking forward to your visit.

Your Anna


Kosmetikerin CAP Oberwil (F/D/EN)

I completed my training as a beautician in France in 2009 and since then I'm focused on gel nails, shellack nails as well as laser lifting and tinting. My skills also include teeth bleaching, which is in great demand by our valued customers.

I'm supporting the Beauty Lounge team in Oberwil since November 2019 and I look forward every day to welcom my customers with my cheerful and courteous manner.

I am very happy if you book your next appointment with me.

Your Charlotte


Kosmetikerin BDM Oberwil (F/D)

Thanks to my many years of experience as a beautician (I completed my training in 2003) I can offer my customers a wide range of beauty services. From gel modeling to Shellac manicures and pedicures or facial treatments and waxings, I offer my customers in Oberwil an all-round wellness program.

I carry out my work with passion and precision, because it is important to me that the customers feel comfortable with me and receive a perfect result. I am happy to advise you on all of our services.

I look forward to seeing you in Oberwil soon.

Your Adeline


Stv. Filialleitung Oberwil (F/D/EN)

Since my apprenticeship as a beautician with the "Preuvet Professionnel" in 2010 I've worked in a large beauty salon in Mulhouse. Since November 2017 I'm an established team member of the Beauty Lounge in Basel 1.

My way of working is particularly efficient. I am particularly quick when it comes to hair removal, manicure, pedicure and gel nails. I am also passionate about laser liftings and laser extensions. Since my further training in the field of Lashextentions "Volume Look", I have been conjuring up beautiful eyelashes for my regular customers. I would be happy to see you soon.

Your Celine


Kosmetikerin BDM Oberwil (F/D)

I am a beautician with heart and soul since 2004. In 2010 I completed the "Master in Cosmetology" in France and am now allowed to train beauticians in Switzerland. Since mid-April I am a permanent member of the Beautylounge team in Oberwil.

My passions include cosmetic facials, massages and pampering pedicures. It's always nice to see how my customers appreciate my many years of professional experience and enjoy being pampered by me.

I look forward to you booking your next treatment with me in Oberwil.

Your Virginie


Kosmetikerin BP Oberwil (F/EN)

In 2015 I completed my training as a certified beautician in France. In parallel, the training as a nail stylist. Then between 2015 and 2021 I worked as a self-employed beautician in Haut Rhin to pursue my passion.

For five years I have also been training beauticians in gel nails. Being a curious person and always interested in the latest trends and advancements, I have perfected the nail technique and am now happy to train teams internally as well. During my career as a beautician, I have also developed a passion for lashextensions. For more than 4 years I am happy to delight my clients with the perfect eyelashes and to give them an enchanting eyelash look with the volume or the 1:1 technique.

I look forward to serving you soon with me in Oberwil.

Yours Ymenn


Praktikantin Obewil (D/IT/EN)

Very early I discovered my passion for cosmetics. Colorful nails, mouths and well-groomed people fascinate me. My dream job of beautician / makeup artist I come here a little closer. I feel especially comfortable here, all services are state of the art, and that's exactly what I want to learn.

Yours Letizia



Filialleiterin Pratteln (F/D/EN)

After six years in a nail and cosmetics studio in Basel, I'm now a permanent member of the Beauty Lounge Ladies since the beginning of 2018. If someone asks me which beauty treatments I prefer to do, the answer is very simple: All :-) I work in the beauty lounge in Pratteln and I am happy when I can put a smile on the faces of my long-term customers with my work.

My strengths clearly include nail modeling, Shellac manicure, laser extensions, permanent hair removal using SHR, microblading and cosmetic teeth whitening. I am looking forward to seeing you soon.

Your Gwendoline


Stv. Fililalleitung Pratteln (D/SR)

I am originally from Serbia, where, after four years of study, I successfully completed the medical school in 2012 in the field of cosmetic technician. I'm part of the ' beauty lounge girls since November 2018 and complement the team with my skills as a medical beautician, nail designer and masseuse.

Due to my in-depth training, I'm specialized in cosmetic facial treatments and gel nails. I also like filigree work very much. It gives me pleasure to always deliver a perfect job and to serve my customers to their complete satisfaction.

Your Milena


Kosmetikerin Staatl. gepr. Pratteln (D/TR)

Laura M.

Kosmetikerin CAP Pratteln (F/D)

Before I joined the Beauty Lounge team in March 2018, I've worked for over 10 years in a well-known beauty salon in France. Now I can serve our valued customers in the salon on the Steinenvorstadt.

With more than 11 years of professional experience, it is easy for me to respond to the different needs of customers. I work very precisely and quickly. Be it bikini waxing or gel nails, with me you will get the perfect result in top time. Let yourself be surprised.

Your Laura


Lehrling 2. LJ Pratteln (D/F/E)

For a long time I have harboured the desire to retrain and at the beginning of April 2021 with employment in the Beautylounge the desire became a reality. After four months of intensive training, I successfully passed the three internal modules for Lashlifting, Manicure, and Pedicure incl. Shellac with flying colors at the end of June 21.

In August 2021, I have successfully started the apprenticeship as a cosmetician EFZ to learn the whole range of cosmetic treatments and to apply them step by step. I am very excited to develop myself further, to get to know the basics in more detail, and to be able to practice them. From October 2021 I will be able to offer trainee treatments for the eyebrow and waxing modules again.

It is great to see how we in the Beautylounge can make our customers happy and I am happy every day to be a part of the team. See you soon

Your Angela


Kosmetikerin Pratteln (D)

Since I unfortunately developed an allergy to dyes, I was no longer able to pursue my originally trained profession as a hairdresser. But my great interest has always been in the beautification of people, which is why I dared to start my career as a nail designer at the Beauty Lounge in 2008.

I'm a permanent member of the Beautylounge in Pratteln for more than 11 years. After the birth of my twins in 2016, I took a three-year baby break and I'm back for my long-term customers in Pratteln since 2018. I will beautify your nails according to your taste with the usual precision and with a lot of commitment and cordiality.

Your Sarina


Praktikantin Pratteln (D/IT/EN)

Cosmetics has accompanied me since early childhood. My dream job is therefore beautician and makeup artist. I have found a place of professionalism with know-how and dedication in Beautylounge. Here I am now doing an internship and feel in the best of hands, here I would like to learn.

Your Emma



Filialleiterin Reinach (F/D)

I am a perfectionist and especially motivated to implement our customers’ special requests, be it sensitive nails or special decorations - I love the challenge.

To me seeing my customer leaving the studio happy and satisfied is paramount. That people recommend me confirms me in my perfect work-process and feels like an additional reward.


Kosmetikerin CAP Reinach (F/IT/D/EN)

My business expertise as a beautician allows me to work consistently, quickly and precisely. I love the daily contact with customers and that I’m able to offer the small gift of joy to my customers. Whether perfect gel nails, a pampering pedicure or removal of annoying hairs, I’m always motivated and pleased about the confidence that I receive from my customers.

I’m glad to offer a small time-out from the stressful life through my calm and even-tempered nature.


Kosmetikerin EFZ Reinach (D/EN)

I’m a beautician EFZ, and a new and full member of the Beautyteam since the middle of April, 2016. My enthusiasm for this occupation gives me joy and drive to start every working day with a huge smile on my face.

Through my 20 years of experience as a beautician with my own lounge, I’m ready for every challange and it’s a wonderful feeling when my customer happily leaves my salon and also comes back again for several years because they’re satisfed with my precise and personal treatments.


Kosmetikerin BP Reinach (F/D/EN)

I have been practicing my dream job as a beautician and nail stylist for over 15 years and I'm a permanent member of the Beauty Lounge team since November 2016.

I am mainly specialized in cosmetic equipment and nails. Permanent hair removal using SHR, body tanning or cryolipolysis are part of my everyday life. Facials and gel nails are also part of my daily work. My demand for a perfect result is very high and my long-standing customer base is still enthusiastic about my work. I am happy day after day to make customers happy with my work.

Your Laetitia


Stv. Filialleitung Reinach (PT/F/D/EN/S)

I originally worked as a TV journalist in Lisbon before I came to Switzerland for love. It has always been my dream to train as a beautician, thats the reason why I decided in August 2018 to start the apprenticeship as a beautician EFZ at the Beautylounge. Now I'm about to take my final exams. My absolute strengths are all Shellac services such as manicure, pedicure and massages. I am also doing gel nails and facials.

I speak five languages fluently, which is particularly good news for our international customers. I am a rather calm personality and our wellness treatments therefore suit me very much. Being a beautylounge lady and being part of the beauty lounge team fills me with a lot of joy and inspiration every day.

Your Carla


Praktikantin Reinach (D/IT/EN)

Beauticians have always fascinated me. I wanted to learn more about this profession, looking for a suitable internship, I found the Beautylounge. Innovative beauty trends, and most modern treatments were very important for me when choosing the right company.

Since August 2022 I am doing an internship here and I am very happy, because here I found what I was looking for.

Yours Michela

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