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  • Beautylounge

    Look good. Feel good.

  • Beautylounge

    Look good. Feel good.

  • Beautylounge

    Look good. Feel good.

Cheers on us, Beauties!

Welcome to our Beautylounge! This is where beauty and first-class treatments meet. Our highly qualified beauticians are motivated to make your visit a relaxing and unique experience.

From head to toe, we offer a wide range of services to meet all your beauty needs. Whether it's skincare, beautiful nails, relaxing massages, medical beauty treatments or perfect lashes, we can fulfill your wishes anytime.

Our beautiful premises invite you to linger. Take a look at it yourself and get your beauty treatment in one of our studios in the region. We are looking forward seeing you soon!

True beauty comes from the inside. Our promise: During your stay, we will also make your outer beauty shine and sparkle.
Your beauty stylists



We have some exciting news for you: At Beautylounge, we're breaking stereotypes and making beauty treatments more accessible to men than ever! With our "This is a man's world" campaign, we want to encourage men to take care of their appearance and feel just as cared for as women 💪💙

We know that there are still prejudices when it comes to beauty treatments for men. But why should only women be allowed to pamper themselves and take care of their appearance? Everyone has the right to feel good and confident - regardless of gender ✨



  • Catrin E.
    7/13/2022 via
    Shore Reviews
    9 / 10

    " I am very satisfied, both with the process and the result. "

    Reply from Beautylounge

    Thank you for your feedback!

  • Chantal B.
    3/10/2022 via
    Facebook Reviews
    10 / 10

    " Very good, very pleasant and accurate way of working. "

  • Christine H.
    7/14/2022 via
    Google Reviews
    10 / 10

    "Very pleasant, relaxing and a great result! I am completely satisfied and always like to come back!"