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Monday, 06.03.2023

🔥 New Facial Treatments with 25% off 🔥

Come and experience our amazing facial treatments! For a limited time, we're offering you a special -25% discount on your facial if you give us feedback after your session.

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Monday, 23.01.2023


Discover the latest beauty trends, win prizes, and get a free skin analysis at our upcoming beauty event. January 27th & 28th in Basel. Limited spots available, register now!

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Monday, 27.09.2021

NEW! Browlifting in the Beauylounge

In times when the mask is part of everyday life, a well-groomed eye area is a must. So for you: From October 2021 finally also in the Beatuylounge - the browlifting or brow lamination!

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Wednesday, 22.09.2021

Per sofort Backoffice Mitarbeiter/in (50%-80%) gesucht!

Zur Verstärkung unseres Backoffice Teams in Basel suchen wir per sofort oder nach Vereinbarung eine/n beautyaffine/r Backoffice Mitarbeiter/in, welche/r Spass an abwechslungsreichen Aufgabengebieten hat und gerne Verantwortung übernehmen möchte.

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Friday, 17.09.2021

NO certificate requirement at Beautylounge

Therefore, you can continue to be pampered with us without having to show the Covid certificate.

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Tuesday, 09.02.2021

Thread lost? 🤯🤯

Threading is a technique originating from India and was already used 6000 years ago. Cotton threads are stretched between the fingers on the area to be treated and then pulled apart. In contrast to epilation with other methods, this technique can be used to remove even the finest downy hairs all over the face.

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Saturday, 06.02.2021

Fit at the crotch - from top to bottom and in between 😉 😌

Hair removal with wax - a trend that has accompanied us women for decades and is now increasingly in demand among the male sex. Hairy men used to be considered particularly masculine and attractive, but the ideal of men beauty has changed. The times of rampant hair growth under the armpits and in the genital area are over. Hair removal is now part of modern body care for men.

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Friday, 05.02.2021

Trainee Treatments in der Beautylounge - We improve out skills 💪💅

Our beauty lounge ladies are continuously expanding their product range with the help of trainee treatments. What we want is that you can rely on highly trained beauticians in the future when you book a treatment with us. As a great side effect, we offer various beauty treatments at a low price for 9 of 12 months of the year. Executed by the trainee and accompanied and controlled by the professional. It couldn't be better, right?

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Thursday, 14.01.2021

Wir bleiben weiterhin geöffnet 🤗

Wir haben gute Neuigkeiten für Sie!! Unsere Salons dürfen weiterhin geöffnet bleiben und müssen ab Montag dem 18. Januar 2021 NICHT schliessen.

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