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Our Pricelist

We have made it our mission to offer top beauty treatments at a fair price. We firmly believe that me-time and self-care is an important part of our society and should be affordable and accessible to all.

That's why we've made sure there's something for every client and budget with our flexible pricing structure. Please note that the prices listed are for top stylists. We have various treatments at lower rates under the Trainee section. Just have a look!

However, we also believe that a wellbeing treatment should always be worth something. Because the best investment of all is the investment in ourselves. Our beauty treatments are therefore not only designed to make you look great, they are also designed to make you feel good. We also believe that the quality of a good experience is just as important as the quality of the treatment itself.

Hands & Nails
Feet & Nails
Face & Beauty
Permanent Make-Up
Brows & Lashes
Waxing & Laser
Just for Him
Same-Time Treatments
Newcomer Treatments
Body & Wellbeing