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In our Beautylounge, we offer you only those beauty treatments that we can stand behind 100%. We regularly check the quality of our services and their effect on body and skin. Our beauticians also take part in continuous training and further education. This is the only way we can guarantee a certain quality standard of the services we offer and thus guarantee you an optimal experience with us.

Whether you want to treat yourself to a relaxing spa day, need help with a beauty problem, or just don't want to paint your nails yourself, we're here for you! Our different treatments include facials, massages, body treatments, hair removal and much more. All our treatments are carried out by experienced beauty therapists and we only use high quality products and brands such as Junglück und CND or O.P.I.

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With our nail stylists you are definitely on the right track! Our employees can count well over 20 years of professional experience between them and that speaks for itself. Only well-trained nail designers can be found in our nail studios in Basel, Oberwil, Reinach and Pratteln.

Whether a soothing manicure with hand massage and peeling, a classic new set of gel nails or a French gel modeling, we have the right stylist for all your needs! Would you like an unusual nail decoration? No problem, we are here for you. Of course, we only use high quality products like Shellac from CND, polishes from O.P.I and care products from Cuccio.

If your toenails need a little touch-up, then the Business Pedicure (30-45 minutes) is the perfect choice. This Pedicure involves cuticle removal, the toenails are sanded into shape, polished and finally either painted with a top coat of OPI, Essie or covered with Shellac. The colour selection is unique to our studios!

Wellness is not a concept for us, it is a promise to you! The 60 - 75 minute "Spa Pedicure" is designed for your needs. After a refreshing foot bath and extensive nail care which includes varnish and the rough skin flakes are removed with a foot peeling. A relaxing foot massage rounds off this unique pampering treatment.

Our care rituals are holistic and deeply relaxing. After the treatment you feel rested and revitalised, your skin is fresh and nourished. Our treatment procedures and products used by Junglück are individually adapted to your skin condition: Pure cosmetics, fragrant compresses and the touch of the skin allow a lasting time-out from everyday life. The intensive active ingredients help to improve the appearance of your skin and keep it healthy and beautiful.

Before you put yourself in the hands of others and enjoy it, you need trust. Trust arises in the consultation, which in turn requires well-founded knowledge and a love of the craft of cosmetics.

For us, this means above all: listening and feeling. Every customer has their own story under and on their skin. Because we understand and appreciate this, we do not offer fixed programmes, but only contingents of our working time on your well-being. We invite you to place yourself in our experienced hands for a certain amount of time.

Due to countless requests for medical aesthetic treatments, we have now expanded our range of services and have been offering medical aesthetic injections in cooperation with Dr. Simona Lüdi, FMH specialist in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, since August 2022.

All treatments with hyaluronic acid, botulinum and PROFHILO® are carried out in the Beautylounge by Dr. Simona Lüdi. A treatment is always preceded by a detailed consultation in which Dr. med. Simona Lüdi addresses your wishes and, after a careful assessment, draws up a treatment plan together with you.

Absolute naturalness and a fresh look are the top priorities.

We have them all. The experts on your facial beauty. Have you ever thought about what your face would look like without any facial hair? It's actually difficult to imagine. Various studies prove: beautifully defined eyebrows, great eyelashes and soft facial skin contribute the most to a positive charisma and attractiveness.

Tired of wasting time applying your make-up every morning? With permanent make-up, that's a thing of the past! Whether you want to define your eyebrows perfectly, make your lips look fuller or accentuate your eyes with an irresistible eyeliner, we are here to fulfil your wishes.

The complete package at the Beautylounge. Of course, our beauticians in the Beautylounge are also responsible for all kinds of body treatments. We pamper you with a relaxing body massage, remove your annoying body hairs or bring your figure back into shape with our professional cryo and lipo massagers. You can find our prices here!

New research results have shown that (in contrast to IPL treatment) blonde hair can also be removed. Complete freedom from hair depends largely on the person's hair and skin type. Best results are achieved with dark hair and a light skin colour (well over 90% of the hair can be removed). The frequency of treatments also depends on these factors.

Your SHR sessions usually take place every 4-6 weeks and around 20-25% of the hair is permanently removed per session. If your skin and hair status are optimal, we can achieve complete hair freedom after only about 5 treatments. Book an appointment with our beauty expert in Basel, Pratteln or Oberwil today.

Cosmetics are exclusively a woman's thing? Absolutely not. Since David Beckham and co., (almost) every man is now aware that a hair-free (or at least neatly trimmed) chest goes down better with women than the wild growth from the 70s. Our Beautylounge offers for hair removal for men can be found here.

A representative study commissioned by IKW Germany also showed that cosmetics and beauty are no longer just "girls' stuff". It is true that many men still associate the term "cosmetics" with "things for the face and nails". But more and more young men in particular are attaching increasing importance to a well-groomed appearance and intensive body care. Our Him - Manis and Pedis are the perfect opportunity to show women that beautiful hands and feet are also part of your programme these days. Because there is no denying it. Many also see their outer appearance in close connection with their own self-worth: the better groomed they look, the more comfortable and, above all, confident they feel. When it comes to hair styling, they even outdo the girls: 50 percent of the boys use hair styling products (several times) a day to get their hairstyles in shape and keep them that way. The statement: today's man is well-groomed.

A facial treatment for men? Shape up your eyebrows? A relaxing massage or making small fat pads disappear by means of cryolipolysis? It's all a question of self-love. And if it's up to women, then being well-groomed naturally means the all-round package from the crown of the head to the feet. That's why we have created a separate section especially for you, which also perfectly covers male beauty needs and makes you want to take a little time out for men.

At our beauty studio, we believe that the quality of the products we use is just as important as the skills of our beauty therapists. That's why we use only the finest and highest quality beauty products in all our treatments.

With us you can enjoy multiple services at the same time. This means less waiting time and more relaxation for you. Treat yourself to a holistic pampering experience and glow from head to toe. Come by and let us pamper you!