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§ 1 Scope of application

Our services, vouchers and offers are based on these General Terms and Conditions. They apply for the duration of the entire relationship between Beautylounge AG - and the customer as recognised, even if they are not expressly agreed again. Beautylounge AG does not recognise conditions of any other kind.

§ 2 Own risk purchase decision

The customer is not entitled to a refund in the event of a complaint about a Company Voucher or service. It is therefore the responsibility of the buyer/customer to ensure that they are satisfied with their choice of products and services before placing an order or making a purchase.

§ 3 Own risk

The customer is aware of the risks of the services offered; he/she has informed himself/herself and received sufficient advice. He buys a voucher or uses the service on his own responsibility and has no right to reimbursement of treatment costs, damages or compensation for pain and suffering if complications arise during or after the service. A service under one's own responsibility can only be claimed from the age of 18. If minors wish to use a service, the consent of a parent or guardian must be provided in writing.

§ 4 Confidentiality and data protection

Beautylounge AG is obliged to keep secret and treat as confidential all information discussed during the service. Information is classified as confidential if the customer expresses this or if this can be inferred from the content of the information. Confidentiality will be overridden if this is decided by legal action and Beautylounge GmbH is released from the confidentiality clause.

§ 5 Allergies and diseases

The customer is obliged to inform Beautylounge AG about medication, allergies, diabetes, thyroid disorders, hormone disorders, haemophilia or similar and about serious, infectious diseases or infections immediately after becoming aware of them or to answer truthfully when asked. At the same time, Beautylounge AG assures to maintain silence about diseases or infections that have become known.

A service will be refused conditionally if a danger (infection) or similar is to be expected as a result of its performance. If you are contagiously ill, you can unfortunately not be treated. If you nevertheless appear ill at an agreed appointment, Beautylounge AG reserves the right to cancel the appointment and to charge a cancellation fee (100%) for the loss of earnings incurred. In this case, the following ALWAYS applies: Please cancel even at short notice in order to avoid illness of the person treating you! The fee is waived in case of cancellation due to illness.

Beautylounge AG assures that all products used and care products comply with the cosmetic regulations. However, as they are chemicals, an allergic reaction can never be ruled out. Claims for damages due to allergic or other reactions are therefore excluded.

§ 6 Jurisdiction

The place of jurisdiction is to be called for the judicial clarification of discrepancies. Applicable law is Swiss law, place of jurisdiction Basel Stadt.