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Anyone who sits a lot at work or is physically active is only too familiar with the problem of muscle tension in the back and neck area. Often unconsciously, we put our hands on our necks or over individual vertebrae to relieve the tension in the muscles.

If the pain does not improve and they remain untreated, tension in the back increasingly burdens the everyday life of many people. A relaxing back massage with its wide range of effects is a good measure to relieve tension in this area, to take preventive action against back pain and to find more well-being.

The classical massage is an old and very proven form of therapy and is used as a holistic method to relax or activate the body. As expected, the focus of this massage is on loosening the back and neck. The skin and muscles are treated with stroking and kneading movements, which has an all-round positive effect on body, mind and soul. In addition, the blood circulation of the tissues is stimulated, which loosens hardenings and can even reduce stress.


In our full body massage, we work with light pressure, which is necessary to loosen and relax the muscle areas throughout the body. We also address the deeper layers of tissue that are often hardened, stuck or tense.

Connective tissue, muscle fibres, tendons, ligaments, fasciae and blockages that have been affected are specifically worked on and treated with this form of massage.

During the treatment, the tissue is properly loosened and kneaded with pressure and firm stroking movements.

Through targeted finger pressure, overstrained areas can also be treated with pinpoint accuracy. The exact sequence of the massage strokes strongly depends on the course of the muscle strands and the energy pathways.

This deep massage not only releases deeper-lying tensions, it also promotes blood circulation and stimulates the connective tissue.

All the more reason to treat yourself to this one-hour pampering treatment with us.

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  • Kristijana P.
    3/25/2022 via
    Shore Reviews
    10 / 10

    " Top work, very pleasant, come regularly; as the service is super. Thank you Stella! "

  • Melanie K.
    6/23/2022 via
    Facebook Reviews
    10 / 10

    "Super professional and on time! Gladly again ­čśŐ "

  • Zorana S.
    7/1/2022 via
    Google Reviews
    10 / 10

    "The relaxing massage was simply wonderful! I felt totally relaxed and refreshed. Thank you, it was just what I needed! "