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We love Lashes! And we have been doing so since 2003! That's how long we've been offering eyelash extensions in our salon. But watch out: since the first eyelash extensions with thick, bulky eyelashes, a lot has changed over time. The trends have changed and, in addition to the most modern lashes, techniques have emerged that are now indispensable.

We keep up to date with the latest developments and continue to educate ourselves. Therefore, our lash programme is diverse and there is something for every eye and taste!

Lash to Lash - With this technique, one lash is applied at a time in a thickness of 0.10 to 0.15 on a separate lash. This technique is available for two looks. The "Lash to Lash Natural" (80-90 lashes per eye) and the "Lash to Lash Intensive" look (around 120 lashes per eye). The prerequisite for this technique is that you have enough lashes of your own and a rather strong (thick) lash structure. You can find our prices here!


Volume Lashes or 3/4 D Lashes - This technique is the non plus ultra in the industry. Very fine lashes (thickness 0.03 to max. 0.07) are used here. Up to six artificial lashes are attached to one natural lash. You can find our prices here!

Now we know where the glamorous Kim Kardashian look comes from: From 3D, 4D ... to 6D technology! And because the fake lashes used are extremely fine and gentle, they offer you barely noticeable comfort and do no damage to your natural lashes. This method is perfect for clients with very fine natural lashes who want a natural yet ultra voluminous look.

By the way, we don't use ready-made lash tufts: your volume lashes are a small work of art made of individual lashes perfectly matched to you. You can find our prices here!


The eyelash wave as we know it was yesterday! The new concept in expressive eye looks is the lash lift. Developed in the Hamburg eye manufactory, then tested to perfection and now we have brought it to Switzerland in Basel. A revolution in the beauty industry! Instead of bending your eyelashes backwards, they are lifted, giving them a radiant look.

Your lashes get more length, volume and height. Unlike false lashes and traditional eyelash perming, which shapes the natural lashes, this new technique uses a silicone protector that lifts the lashes from the root. The result is breathtaking and makes your eyes sparkle! You can find our prices here!


The revolutionary eyelash serum from the USA. The most natural way to achieve longer and thicker lashes. Now available in our beauty lounges! With the innovative Realash formula, your lash is nourished and strengthened from root to tip. The innovative active ingredient complex prolongs the life of an eyelash. In addition, the growth phase is extended, which leads to longer and thicker lashes. On average, the lifespan of an eyelash (and also that of a brow hair) lasts around 90 days. Realash serum helps your hair significantly extend this phase to renewal.

The lashes no longer fall out so quickly, which in turn leads to a thicker and longer lash line. The result is longer, thicker and beautifully curved lashes. In addition, the eyelash serum lets your eyelash hairs darken naturally. This effect is visible even without mascara. Independent studies confirm the innovative effect of Realash, which continues to inspire stars and starlets like Kim Kardashian and Dana Delaney with its effect. If you apply the product once a day (preferably in the evening before going to bed), you will see a clear difference after about 30 days. After 6 weeks at the latest, however, the complete effect will be visible and you will impress everyone with your eye look! New Realash for the brows!

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  • Karin R.
    10/18/2022 via
    Shore Reviews
    10 / 10

    "Karen did a great job on my eyelashes, I am very satisfied "

  • Miriam D.
    8/4/2022 via
    Shore Reviews
    10 / 10

    " Always a great experience with my lashes and excellent attention to detail "

  • Andrea E.
    5/27/2022 via
    Shore Reviews
    10 / 10

    " I was very satisfied. The eyelash treatment was pleasant. I found the staff very friendly. I will be happy to come again. I am happy about my beautiful eyelashes. "


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